Ways to Donate

Aside from the major fundraising that LPIE contributes to academic support, the PTA fundraises to support programs such as Teacher Appreciation, Communications, Odyssey of the Mind, and Reflections, just to name a few. The Stanley PTA also raises funds to help advocacy efforts on a state level.


Ways to DonateHow TO SUPPORT THE PTA ...


Thanks for all you do to make our school great!

Amazon Smile 

Every time you shop with Amazon, just make sure you start with our Amazon Smiles link. It's the SAME Amazon site as you normally use but by having the "smile" as part of the link and ensuring you selected  Stanley PTA as your charity, you'll grant Stanley PTA a small portion (.05%) of your purchase. This costs you NOTHING. You'll know you're using the correct URL if it starts "https://smile.amazon.com...."

Set up your Amazon Smile donor link. Several ways:

  • Use this link https://smile.amazon.com/ch/94-3084722 which will automatically pull in Stanley Middle School PTA charity.
  • Or go to smile.amazon.com and search for Stanley Middle School PTA (Lafayette, CA) and select it manually.
  • Bookmark smile.amazon.com and when you shop at Amazon, use that link. (Remember, If the links does not contain "smile" and it's just www.amazon.com, you are not earning Free Money).
  • Use an Amazon Smile browser extension to automatically redirect ANY Amazon.com link to smile.amazon.com. This has no effect on your shopping experience and is easy since you never have to remember to make sure it's a "smile.amazon.com" link. Example - Google Chrome Amazon Smile Extension   


Stanley earns money when you shop at Diablo Foods or Lunardi’s!
To sign-up:

  • Click this link: https://secure.escrip.com/signup/index.jsp and follow the instructions.
  • Enter your contact information.
  • Designate Stanley Middle School PTA: Group ID 6573583.
  • Enter your credit and ATM/debit cards to automatically earn free money for Stanley.

Thanks for keeping Stanley PTA in mind throughout the year!


Questions? email president@stanleypta.org