School Pictures & Make-Up Photo Day

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What: School Pictures taken during Wildcat Day and 6th Grade Orientation. You should have received an email from Mugsy with your child's special code for ordering. If you did not receive an email or have questions please contact the school office.


To view your child's pictures, please see your email to obtain student's access code.

2) Create or Log into your account.
3) Enter Student’s Online Access Code to add this year’s gallery.
4) Order using codes below
Student Name: John Doe
Online Access Code: xxxxx  (enter code on gallery page)
Make-Up Photo Day: TBA
Any students who did not take a photo during Wildcat Days or if MugsyClicks has been contacted about a re-take will be called out of class for a make-up photo.  View the portraits of your child taken during Orientation & Wildcat Day by visiting the MugsyClicks websiteIf you wish to have your child's picture retaken, please contact MugsyClicks.