Odyssey of the Mind

Do you love drama, engineering, art, problem solving,

and lots and lots of duct tape?

Then Odyssey of the Mind (OM) may be for you.


OM is a team-based creative problem solving competition. Kids compete in teams of 5-7 to solve a problem by performing an 8-minute skit, and participate in a Spontaneous Problem, which they see for the first time as part of the event.


OM teaches collaboration, design thinking, creativity, and thinking on your feet. It is great for kids that like to build, write, paint, tinker, solve problems, and perform.


OM teams are coached by parent volunteers who don’t need any special skills. Please consider being a coach. 


For more information about OM, click here or visit the OM website. A copy of the 2022-23 Long-Term Problem Synopses can be found here.


Questions? Email maiasiu@yahoo.com or shwetatk@gmail.com