Welcome to Stanley Middle School!

Thank you, Wildcats!


As the school year wraps to a close, I want to thank our AMAZING Stanley PTA board this year for all you’ve done to support Stanley, our community, our students, and our staff! Thank you to Jana Hattersley, Jennie Dobies, Karen Evans, Deborah Feeley, Diana Godfrey, Fredi Gorham, Brian Mangold, Carolyn Margiotti, Briannon McCurdy, Gwen Weiland and Laney Whitcanack for all your hard work and dedication to our school.

I also want to thank all of the volunteers who chaired a committee at Stanley this year. Did you know we have 48 committee chairs who volunteered their time to make Stanley such a wonderful place? Thank you to all of the following volunteers!

Jennifer Flowers, Kellie Piacente, Elizabeth Haslam, Melissa Mcllwain, Somill Hwang Sheunamann, Blayne Feinberg, Morgan Kubas, Kelly Nykodym, Gretchen La Rotonda, Cara Pierce, Raina Foster, Monette Hagopian, Megan Moore, Julie Lonergan, Marisa Wilson, Moneeka Shah, Maxine Fisher, Susan Corkery, Shweta Khamkar, Maia Siu, Kirsten Jensen-Horne, Tina Frechman, Lisa Furtado, Jennie Held, Caroline Rhame, Katie Blair, Shila Doranni, Ashlie Miller, Stacey Hastings, Caitlin Debban, Sara Darby, Jennifer Palmer, Amanda Clark, Anne Woolway, Piper LaGrelius, Jen Diprisco, Katy Foreman, Mindy Harmeyer, Laurel Kellam, Lisah Kmet, Jennifer Heindl, Jes Erickson, Elizabeth Hennesee, Amy McDonough, Amy Lewis, Danielle Lederman, Elizabeth Siamas, Ashley Matter.

People often ask, what exactly does the PTA do? Besides supporting (and spoiling!) our Stanley administration and staff, our main goal this year was to build community at Stanley. Below is a list of the highlights from this year. Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing summer!

Kimberly Grover
2023-2024 PTA President

2023-24 Stanley PTA Highlights

• 6th Grade/New Student Orientation
• Grade-Level Socials (Fall and Spring)
• Wildcat Wednesdays
• Parent/Staff Party
• New Family Socials
• Fall Fest
• One Book, One School
• School Support- hot lunch, Campus Cruisers, Lost & Found
• PTA Reflections
• Wildcats on Stage
• Reservoir Run
• Spiritwear
• Parent Workshops
• Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week plus monthly snacks & lunches
• Cultural Fair
• Special Olympics
• Odyssey of the Mind
• Wildcat Chats
• End of Year Celebrations- 6th/7th Grade Carnival & 8th Grade Promotion Party



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