Volunteer Options and FAQs


Volunteer FAQs

Want to learn more about Volunteering at Stanley. Check out these FAQs.


1) How do I find out more information about activities that I may be interested in volunteering for?


A. Fill out the Volunteer Opportunities Form. You can update it throughout the year as you become familiar with volunteer opportunities that may interest you. Event and program chairs are given the list of people who expressed an interest and are responsible for contacting you.


2) If I fill out the Volunteer Opportunities Form does that mean I'm scheduled for that event?


A. No. It will just give your email to the committee chair or board member so that they can contact you with information and formal signup process relevant to your opportunity. 


3) What is a background checklist for volunteers?


A. Sometimes the state or district requires us to perform duties to ensure the safety of our students and community. So for example, a TB questionnaire/test is needed to volunteer in the classroom and proper insurance documents need to be on file in the office if you will be driving on a field trip. 


4) What type of opportunities are there?


A. Below we've broken down a description of options in detail:


Board Membership

This honestly is usually less scary than it sounds. Every member that has raised a hand to volunteer for a board position would say they do not regret it one bit. The benefits are plenty -- from creating a great rapport with some like-minded friends, to having a solid say in your child's middle school experience, to adding valuable skills to your resume. A board seat is not for everyone but if it's something you might be interested start here. 


Committee Chair

The amazing parents that help our school run smoothly. Committee chairs take on an activity and run with it. But don't worry, there's plenty of help along the way from those that have been through the horse and pony show at least once to the awesome parents signing up their interest to volunteer right now. Curiosity peaked? Check out our committee chair descriptions.


Yearly Events

Ever wonder how those fun annual school parties and events seem to just happen? It's because of amazing volunteers! The better we staff our yearly events with great people, the better our events. That means people like you. See a list of our Events to learn more. 


Classroom, Around School and At-Home Help

Our teachers are amazing but there's only so much they can do on their own. Each teacher usually will communicate their volunteer wishes at the start of the school year. From assisting with art and computer labs, making LPIE projects or general help, there is plenty of needs.


We also have plenty of needs such as editing and sending our weekly newsletter, managing our website, helping sort lost &found, and much more. 


Check out our Job Descriptions for details.


Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities 


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