A big challenge in middle school parenting is keeping connected with other Stanley parents and caregivers, including your student’s new friends and their families!   


Connecting with other parents benefits not just you but also positively benefits your Stanley student. Research shows that students with parents connected with other parents score higher in collaborative problem solving, and valued relationships and teamwork. Students whose parents know more of their friends’ parents are less likely to face bullying – especially relational types of bullying. So mark your calendars for all of the ways we’ve got to get you connected:


Social Events (All Grade)

Social Events (By Grade-level)

Learning Events (All Grades)

Self-organizing Parent Events (All Grades)


Social Events (All School):  

Saturday, September 9: Stanley Parent Party

Get your ticket on the PTA website to Stanley’s annual parent party


Thursday, September 14: New Family Welcome Night

If you’re a Stanley family that is new to Lafayette School District (LAFSD), join us for a night of connecting with other new families and parents. Invites with event details will be sent to all new LAFSD families. 


Sunday, October 22: The Res Run (link to Res Run registration)

Join Lafayette families on the annual community run to support our schools. More info. here


Thursday, May 9: Stanley Student Showcase

Get dinner on the blacktop from food trucks and enjoy seeing your student’s classrooms and hard work from the school year.  


Social events (By Grade) - 

All invites with event details are sent via email to each grade level. If you don’t receive your invitation before the event or if you have questions, please contact Laney Whitcanack, PTA VP Community vpcommunity@stanleypta.org


6th Grade

Sunday, August 20th - 6th grade Welcome Back Picnic at the Lafayette Reservoir

Monday, April 15 - 6th grade Spring Parent Social


7th Grade

Sunday, September 17 - 7th Grade Welcome Back Picnic at the Lafayette Reservoir

Monday, April 22 - 7th grade Spring Parent Social


8th Grade

Sunday, September 30 - 8th Grade Welcome Back Picnic at the Lafayette Reservoir

Monday, April 29 - 8th grade Spring Parent Social


Learning Events (All School):


October (date TBD), November, April (date TBD): Wildcat Stanley Parent Education Workshop

Come learn with other Stanley parents about middle school parenting issues. Likely topics for the 23/24 school year include executive function, talking about race, screen time, and mental health. Dates and more info will be shared in the Wildcat Weekly. 


January/February/March (dates TBD): Parent Education about Racial Consciousness with Dr. Lori Watson

The “Parents for Racial Equity” series, hosted by the Lafayette District Parent Education Committee,  is intended to educate and engage adult learners who wish to expand their personal knowledge and elevate their racial consciousness.  


For a complete list of district wide parent education events, check out an updated schedule here (https://www.lafsd.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=3822614&type=d&pREC_ID=24709050). 


Self-organize A Parent Event:

If your Stanley student is involved in a particular activity at school, feel free to self-organize a gathering of families. There are plenty of great spots in Lafayette that work for informal and formal gatherings. If you need help connecting with a specific group of parents, figuring out where to have your meet-up, or finding venue ideas, please contact Laney Whitcanack, PTA VP Community (link to vpcommunnity@stanleypta.org). 


Please email vpcommunity@stanleypta.org to get involved in organizing parent community beholding events or activities.