PTA Meeting Schedule 2020-21

All PTA General meetings are expected to be held on Zoom this year.  PTA Meetings are held prior to Wildcat Chats to facilitate attendance by more parents. All parents are invited and encouraged to attend.  The Wildcat Chat offers a glimpse at the great programs happening at Stanley and a chance to hear directly from the administration and department chairs. The General Meeting portion covers all necessary business to keep our organization moving along. 

PTA Meetings (all held OVER ZOOM):

August 12, 10:00am:  Wildcat Chat and PTA Welcome 
September 16, 9:30am: Wildcat Chat & General Meeting- Approve calendars & budget
October 21, 10:00am: Wildcat Chat and PTA General Meeting
December 9, 10:00am: Wildcat Chat and PTA General Meeting
January 13, 10:00am: Wildcat Chat 
February 17, 10:00am: Wildcat Chat
March 17, 10:00am: Wildcat Chat and PTA General Meeting
April 28, 10:00am: Wildcat Chat & PTA Meeting - Approve slate


PTA Agendas, Minutes and Financials are available here. **Must be a PTA member to access this page.

PTA 2020-21 Calendar


Updated: September 13, 2021